Rail Logistics

Save time and money with the support of our consumption forecasting and train loading experts – stay on track and on schedule

Benefit from a seamless logistics system, tailored to your specific needs, for an efficient rail operation. We have long experience in coordinating changing timetables, routes, passenger loads and turn-around times.

Keep your trains well-stocked, on schedule and within budget with a comprehensive logistics system, which we will create with SkylogistiX, our partnership with industry leaders Kuehne + Nagel.

Efficiency at every stage

We can forecast passenger consumption levels and train loading requirements to help you stay one step ahead. And our engineers will study your operational requirements to define the most time- and cost-efficient loading plan.

Using the LSG Sky Chefs network of warehousing facilities and transport capabilities, we will keep your inventory at optimal levels. We can also work with you to manage disposal and recycling.