Other Revenue Channels

Identify and realize innovative opportunities to generate revenue and enhance your brand beyond onboard retail sales

When you choose us to manage the complete functioning of your train, we can find smart new ways to generate extra revenue.

As well as increasing your budget for investing in onboard services, you will be able to enhance your company's image with your passengers.

Premium product placements

Using our global reach, we can arrange premium product placement agreements that generate additional revenue for you without adding costs to the passenger.

And, naturally, we will work closely with you to make sure that such placements are always consistent with – and even enhance – your brand values.

Advertising space sales

We can also help you to generate advertising revenue through:

  • premium travel magazines in one or multiple languages
  • premium flyer/brochure and amenity placements – consistent with brand image and passengers
  • sale of physical display space – such as seat backs
  • optimizing online advertising on your website.