Complete Food Solutions

Flexible, easy-to-manage meal box and tray concepts that look and taste great, offer excellent value and engage passengers

As well as providing individual meals and snacks, we can work with you to custom design an appealing box or tray concept based on your brand, budget and passengers' expectations.

Our experienced chefs blend signature dishes and well-known consumer brands to develop a food solution that suits your image, your operations and your customers' demands.

Flexible, easy-to-manage products

Every concept is designed to be flexible to fit your specific operations. They can be assembled in central production units, then transported easily and compactly to loading stations.

Advantages include:

  • an extensive variety of interchangeable meal/snack components
  • a choice of hot or cold meals and snacks
  • a long shelf life
  • different sizes to meet all trolley configurations
  • can be prepared off-site in large batches at lower cost
  • easy to transport, load and serve
  • can be efficiently and quickly recycled.

An affordable option for every class

Our meal box and tray concepts are prepared using a streamlined, cost-effective process. This makes them a great choice for economy-class services and low-cost train companies.

We also create upmarket versions to satisfy premium-class appetites. We can even design themed meal boxes to enhance the overall presentation, entertain passengers and set the mood for their rail travel experience.